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Shenley and Radlett Pet Services are focused on providing reliable, high standards in pet care - we have been looking after clients' pets since 1998 and will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  We are based in Shenley, near Radlett, Hertfordshire, where we are well regarded and have lived for well over 35 years.  

Over the years we have established an excellent reputation offering Licenced Dog Boarding and Day Boarding where your dog or puppy can be safe in a loving home environment within a group of well socialised dogs.  We are licensed to board a maximum 8 dogs - but rarely run to maximum numbers as we prioritise the needs of the particular dogs staying already without any compromise.  Most of our doggy guests are regulars, having been with us since puppy and regard us as their second home, returning enthusiastically for daycare and/or their holidays.  Introduction of new dogs are carefully planned to ensure smooth integration in the group; your dog will soon be one of the gang enjoying supervised play, fun and walks together.  Dog safety and welfare come first and foremost and we will take only one new dog (unless from the same home) or puppy on any given day to ensure 100% careful supervision.  For any boarding of more than a couple of days we do insist on a trial overnight stay so your own dog is gently integrated for a shorter period initially. Our method is tried and tested and, along with our years of experience, we rarely have any problems with introductions.  There is always a quiet area for older dogs to nap, or puppies to rest; we consider every dog's temperament and requirements to ensure their stay with us is a happy and safe experience.  It really is like staying home from home with us, they are all loved and cared for as our own.

Did you know dog home boarding or daycare without a licence is a criminal offence?  We operate under the strict licensing guidelines of DEFRA, Hertsmere Council (Licensee Janet Nicholls, Licence No HBC-DDB-006-2).  We operate under comprehensive and lawful guidelines, now even more stringent since the new Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 were introduced.  We are of course fully insured and full member of ADB (Association of Dog Boarders). 


Puppy Care, Socialisation and Training  We will take a puppy as soon as core inoculations are complete; socialisation is important as soon as possible; we regard socialisation as one of the most important learning curves in a dog's life and our own and existing doggy guests will teach a pup so much on how to interact and play with other dogs.  We will only take one very young pup at a time as they require far more supervision whilst learning to become well balanced adults.  We include everyday ongoing training whilst your puppy is with us totally free of charge.  We will gladly offer our clients advice and tips with a new pup and help on any issues that may be a concern.  Consistency is essential in a pup's upbringing and we take a pride in seeing our clients' dogs grow up into well socialised happy adults, most of whom still come to us on daycare and/or holidays!  All the dogs that stay with us come bounding in wagging away, happy to be here to see their mates, which in turn makes us very happy! 

For pups who need a bit more help, we can by arrangment also offer one-to-one sessions with training issues, their humans need help to learn too sometimes!  Nipping any problems in the bud early with pups saves many more difficult issues later in life.  Just ask us to help!

We also love cats!  We offer Cat Sitting/ Cat Feeding visits to your own home.  It is a well accepted cats prefer to stay in their own home environment rather than be placed into unfamiliar cage life in a cattery.   We will ensure your cat is happy, fed, litter trays clean, some play time if he/she requires this, water your plants and generally ensure your home is secure at every visit.  We understand cats well and will always let them decide whether to integrate with us, or not, in their own time, nothing is forced; cats are independent creatures who tend to make their own minds up about us.  Doesn't take long before most welcome us noisily around our legs on arrival!

We also visit to care for poultry, rabbits, small animals, in fact any pet that needs to remain in its own home.  We are also gradually becoming familiar with reptiles, insects and their care thanks to a few of our clients needing this along with the more furry varieties.

Pet Transport - if you are stuck getting your pet to a vet or elsewhere we can offer this, a useful service for non-driving clients.  We will stay with your pet at the vets and of course return them safely home to you after their appointment, always keeping you fully informed along the way.

Don't leave the care of your beloved pet to chance because cheaper unlicensed services are not only operating illegally, very often they offer sub-standard and over-crowded and they have never been inspected.  Its also worth considering they will not have insurance if operating illegally?  Is it worth saving a few ££££s when the safety and welfare of your pet is at risk?  We charge reasonable rates to cover our overheads and to ensure we are never rushing nor compromising the care and wellbeing of any pet in our care.  Our numerous regular clients, on request, are always more than happy to give us a reference to put your mind further at rest for that first time of using our service.

Whilst your pet is in our care you will, with your permission of course, receive regular updates, pictures whilst you enjoy your holiday; you as a client are important to us as well as your pet, we understand you will be wondering regarding your pet's welfare and happiness, especially on first stays.

You will not see our vehicles sign written - if we are carrying your dog in our dog-safe vehicles nobody would know.  With dog theft on the increase we have no wish to advertise the fact we carry dogs!  Likewise, if we are visiting your home then a pet sitter sign written van indicates quite clearly you are away and hence your home becomes more vulnerable.

Please take a look around our website - or visit our Facebook page which will give you more day to day information on how happy pets are with us - and of course please feel free to contact us for a friendly informative chat without any obligation.  We will not push you into making a decision until you are 100% happy your pet will be well cared for with us.

Mobile: 07957 360835
Landline (answerphone): 01923 858428
Our Enquiry Form is also available on this website.

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