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Shenley and Radlett Pet Services are focused on providing reliable, high standards in pet care - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  We are based in Shenley, near Radlett, Hertfordshire, where we have lived for well over thirty years.  Over the years we have built an excellent reputation and offer a first class Licenced Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare, Puppy Socialisation and Training, Dog Visits/Walking as well as boarding Small Animals (guinea pigs, hamsters), reptiles and birds.  We also offer Cat Sitting i.e. cat visits to your own home and other pet sitting visits where boarding with us is not suitable.

Shenley and Radlett Pet Services offers Fully Licenced Dog Home Boarding plus Doggy Day Care and Puppy CrecheDid you know it is illegal to board dogs in your home without holding a local authority licence to do so?  Many people are unaware of this.  Being a licenced home dog boarding and licenced dog daycare establishment assures our clients we have undergone a regular stringent inspection and operate under strict welfare rules. 

Puppy Care, Socialisation and Training is part of our service and, unlike some organisations, we include everyday ongoing training whilst your dog/puppy is with us totally free of charge.   We also offer our clients free advice and help with a new pup and suggest help on any issues that may be a concern.  Consistency is essential in a pup's upbringing and we take a pride in seeing our clients' dogs grow up into well balanced and happy adults.  If you as an owner require some help with training, or are having specific issues with your pup, we are happy to offer separate sessions on a one-to-one basis at a fee to be agreed.  Most of our pups continue to come to us for daycare  or holidays throughout their lives as their "other home". 

Please note we are unable to offer home boarding, doggy daycare or dog group walking to adult uncastrated males, or if your bitch is in season.

Dog Sitting/Short Walks/Let Out.  We can visit your home if required to give your dog some company, let them out, play, or to take them for a short walk.  This is our "pop in" service.  We appreciate not every dog can join a group for whatever reason so we cater for "special needs" dogs too where time permits - for example dogs that do not socialise well with other dogs, an unvaccinated young pup, an elderly dog, a sick dog, a bitch in season, a whelping bitch or an unneutered male.  We are not able to offer this service for vicious dogs where our own safety could be compromised, nor are we able to walk very strong large dogs where having total control would be an issue.

Cat Sitting.  Our cat sitting service is a visit to your home once or twice daily (or as often as you require) and includes feeding, litter trays and, if your cat chooses, fuss and playtime.  This allows your cat to remain happy and content in familiar surroundings - much nicer than being stuck in a cage at the cattery.  We appreciate cats are more independent generally than dogs so we allow them to choose how much they wish to integrate with us during our visits.  Our service covers a 1-3 mile radius of Shenley but we are of course, within reason, happy to travel further afield, and do so, for clients that have moved house who still prefer us to care for their animals as they trust us.  Whilst visiting we will also ensure your home is secure by taking in post, drawing curtains, turning on lights.  Plants can be tended if required and garden plants/vegetables kept watered in hot weather.  

Small Pets and Birds.  For caged pets, birds and reptiles we offer home boarding here (hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, budgies, cockatiels, geckos) or, if they need to stay in their own home, our pet visiting service (aviaries, chickens and other poultry).  Experienced in the care of reptiles - we regularly care for a tank of stick insects, geckos, snakes, fishtanks, fishponds.   

Pet Transport.  We offer air conditioned transport to take your pet to the vets, a useful service for our non-driving clients.  We will remain with your pet at the vets and of course return them carefully to you, keeping you fully informed at all times.  We can by arrangement transport pets further afield within the UK, i.e. after a house move.  Please note we are insured to transport your pet only and not their owners.
With a variety of options to choose from, we are confident you will find a pet care service that suits you.  Most of our clients return to us time and time again whether it be for the annual holiday or several times a month, which always reassures us that we are caring for their pets and homes to their complete satisfaction!  

Don't leave the care of your beloved pet to chance because cheaper is very often not the best!  We charge reasonable rates but enough to ensure we are never rushing nor compromising the care and wellbeing of any pet in our care.  Our regular clients, on request, are always more than happy to give us a reference to put your mind further at rest for that first time of using our service.

Please take a look around our website - or visit our Facebook page shenleyandradlettpetservices which will give more day to day information on how happy pets are with us - and of course please feel free to contact us for a friendly chat without any obligation.  We will not push you into making a decision until you are 100% happy your pet will be well cared for. 

Contact Details: 
Mobile: 07957 360835 
Landline(Answerphone): 01923 858428 
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